Ever Since The Day is a Finnish rock band formed between spring 2005 and winter 2006. Powerfully melodic choruses and dark (or even melancholic) sounds characterize the band. However, Ever Since The Day is not anyhow focused to be gloomy, and as a proof the live set contains a lot of energetic charge and action.

In the early state the band consisted of Kari (voc, guitar), Johannes (guitar) and Jouni (bass) playing acoustic cover songs in small events, but after 7-8 months of search for a drummer Ari joined the band and the real work with own songs finally began.

The first gig of Ever Since The Day with purely own material was performed in June 2006 with very positive reactions. This performance was soon followed by other shows but in the background the band was looking for a chance to record a demo. In September 2006 the first Demo Through My Eyes was recorded and it received more attention than was ever expected.

The success of the demo can be seen from the public achievements it has received. Crash was elected to be the demo of the week 42 in radio YleX by the listeners, and a week later it rose to the 6th place in the Radio YleX’s most wanted (Himotuimmat) list. In week 46 Ever Since The Day was selected to be the unsigned band of the week by Radio X3M and Kari was interviewed for the show.

Good and encouraging reviews have been coming from different sources, such as the Soundi magazine. Moreover, many Internet sites have given positive signals about the demo as well as the live performance. People have been giving a lot of comments about the songs in the demo for example on the Internet site and global attention was received when Sanctuary was selected to be the track of the day (2.1.2007) on

Live performance was measured in Turku Bandstand competition during February-March 2007, and despite the short experience of live performances the band shared the 3rd place in the competition having a total of 44 bands participating. Moreover, the band was selected to perform in Yle Radio X3M’s Svenska Talande Klubben broadcast on April 14th 2007 as a support act for Swedish band Captain Murphy.

Ever Since The Day released their second demo, Stay Silent Forever, on the 14th of May 2008. More information about the band can be found from this website.. Take a look around!

Ever since the day - The Band

Ever Since The Day is:

Johannes - guitar     Jouni - bass     Kari - vocals & guitar     Henri - drums